YoouPara 250 Colors Paracord 550 Rope Type III 7 Stand 100FT 50FT Paracord Parachute Cord Rope Survival kit

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Length(m): 100FT
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Type: P4
Brand Name: YoouPara
Rope name: Paracord 550 rope
Paracord Rope Diameter: 4mm
Paracord Rope length: 50 ft,100 ft,25ft
Paracord Rope uses: DIY paracord bracelet,necklace,belt,watch,dog collar etc
Paracord rope colors: 250 colors
Minimum breaking strength: 550lbs rope
Item type: outdoor camping rope survival kit
Paracord Rope Material: Polyester
Paracord Rope Standard: 7 inner strands rope
Other name: Parachute cord

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