AnimaMiracle 14/15 Piece Camping Cookware Mess Kit, Hiking Camping Gear & Camping Outdoor Survival kits Cooking Equipment Pots | Mini Non-Stick Pan, Lightweight,Compact Camp Pot Set

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Brand: AnimaMiracle


Details: When it comes to Camping, Backpacking, or Striking an Outdoor Adventure, there are certain luxuries that you have to give up to really embrace the journey. Enjoy the great outdoors without second guessing if you packed everything to cook and serve your next meal with the lightweight, compact, and mobile design of the Camp Kitchen Set .

The AnimaMiracle Camping cookware set works very well for outdoor activities, and all the 15-piece cooking utensils can be folded into one small bag, very compact and portable. During your outdoor activity with friends, this kit may look very inconspicuous,but it serves non-negligible functions. So you can purchase your own cookware kit at any time or give it to your family or friends as a perfect gift.

The high-quality products designed and develop by our company can provide our customers with more comfortable and safe experience during usage. Guided by our philosophy "Enjoy freedom and nature and set yourself free", we are committed to providing high-quality products to try to meet all the needs of our customers and encouraging people to shorten their distance with nature.
Believe in yourself! Believe in AnimaMiracle ! It is not just a high-quality cookware kit --- Tough enough design makes it able to deal with any outdoor adventure and bring a little warmth and comfort to your journey.

Click "ADD TO CART" .Adventure or Free is out there! Go get it! Ready to travel anywhere with you !

Pot Cover Diameter : 5.86''
Pot Size : 5.86''*2.78''
Frying Pan Size : 6.1''*1.35''
Handle Length : 4.15''
2 Bowls Size : 4.5''*1.55''
Soup Spoon Diameter : 3.25''
Wooden spoon : 5.12''
Clean Brush Size : 2.35''
2 Spork length (Folded) : 3.7''
Nylon Travel Bag : 6''*6.3''
Small velvet bags : 3.2''*7''
Fire Starter : 2.4''

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