Fancy Armor Nail Gel

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Ad Copy: Coat and Heal those nails
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For stronger and longer nails. Polish and protect your nails with the Fancy Armor Nail Gel! It provides a coating, and support to your nails damaged with glue or acrylics, this product restores your nails to the best state possible.

Apply as a top coat for your chosen nail polish. The secret lies in its keratin-rich gel, which works right under your nails to restore them to a healthy condition. New polish, new fingernails with the Fancy Armor Nail Gel!

  • Quick and easy gel coat
  • Strengthens and protects
  • Repairs and restores
  • Promotes nail growth
  • Glossy gel-nail finish

Thinking of changing your nail color? Buy the Fancy Armor Nail Gel now and save 50% off!

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