Fishing Wobbler Lifelike Fishing Lure

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Ad Copy: Realistic and A-lure-ring fish bait

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Are you a fishing enthusiast? Get realistic lure with the Fishing Wobbler Lifelike Fishing Lure! It is an 8 segment fishing decoy with a slim body profile and jointed sections, giving it a realistic fish swimming action and appearance.

This bait also has a realistic finish, fins, prismatic eyes and flared gills add to the lifelike quality that will surely fool the fishes. Reinforced joints ensure lasting use, while the 2 treble hooks provide reliable sets.

  • Durable ABS material contributing to long service life, holographic or highly detailed paint finishes
  • 8-segments 5-20g swimbait fishing lure with 2 strong and sharp high carbon steel treble hooks
  • High-resolution body detail, smooth and rapid diving action, lifelike swimming action in water to provoke predator to bite

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