Humane Bug Suction Catcher

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An easy and humane way to catch bugs and insects. Get them with the Humane Bug Suction Catcher! It is a handheld, rechargeable insect trap that vacuums bugs and insects at arm's length for a quick release without even touching or killing them.

The quiet vacuum motor is powerful enough to suck the insects into the tube for containment. The lengthy clear tube extends your reach for hard to reach ceilings, corners even under the bed. Equipped with led light for the dark corners of your home. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.


  • Capture bugs, insects and spiders from a safe distance, just aim and suck them in the bug vacuum pipe. Eco-friendly and non-toxic. No harm to people, simple and clean way to get rid bugs from your home.
  • Ideal for catching spiders, centipedes, crickets & other creepy crawlies. Not ideal for flying & quick moving bugs
  • USB Charging, included USB cable & 3.7V rechargeable battery
  • Powerful Led light giving you the advantage of creeping up on predators at night

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