READYMAN Survival Cards (Wilderness)

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Color: Wilderness


  • ✅ READYMAN Survival Cards are no bigger than the size of a credit card, so why not fill up your wallet and be prepared anywhere?
  • ✅ All READYMAN Survival Cards are 100% American made of 301 Stainless Steel
  • ✅ READYMAN Survival Cards have you covered no matter the situation. Cards Available for Fisherman, Medic, Wilderness, EVAC, Hostage and much more
  • ✅ All READYMAN Individual Survival Cards weigh only 12 grams or less

Publisher: READYMAN

Details: When the Special Forces guys at ReadyMan get together and start to reflect on experiences from one of the toughest survival survival schools in the world, innovation comes to life! There is talk of hard lessons learned that only SERE (Survive, Evade, Resist, Escape) school provides, and the gear that could have made food previously impossible to get now within reach. Enter the Wilderness Survival Card; It's our most tool filled survival card we have designed to date, so much so that it is Patent Pending. The Wilderness Survival Card is a set of tools and devices that are a "game changer" for somebody in a survival scenario. With this many survival tools on tap at this price and weight, you MUST to add this to your survival kit.

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