Sunlar 12V DC 19.7" inch Ceiling Fan With Switch Outdoor Camping Suit For 12V Battery Power

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Color: White


  • Portable ceiling fan Using At the time of emergency when power goes off very frequently
  • Fairly quiet moves lots air and energy saving,quality 12V DC with good airflow
  • Swing with a small 12 volt battery longevity
  • It easy to install in to your home, office or other outdoors place that you wish.
  • This item with on/off switch,it also can directly connect with solar panel,but with solar charge controller will be stable.

Publisher: SUNLAR

Details: Portable DC 12V Ceiling fan
Material: Plastic Color: White Current: 0.5A Power: 6W Voltage: DC12V It is forbidden to access 110-220V AC 3 plastic blades Battery Power -12V dc Soft wind with little noise Safe to use and energy saving Metal ring in the base to hang the fan in ceiling Ideal for solar power Used in caravans, motor homes, boats, dormitories, etc. At the time of emergency when power goes off very frequently you will have to use 12V DC ceiling fan which can run on the 12v power supplied by a solar panel or a 12 volt battery to get rid of summer heat. Though 12v batteries are commonly used to power up 12v DC devices like 12v ceiling fan since long but if you want to run an emergency fan on the 12v power provided by solar panels then first of all you must know its reasons. Main reason of using solar 12v battery fan in this situation is the benefits solar energy provides for the benefit of mankind. Some of such benefits are briefly described here under. Benefits of solar energy for mankind Solar energy helps in managing global warming: The survival of human society along with a number of species mainly depends on global warming. The efficient solar energy panels available today are the outcome of research and development of many decades. They help in creating energy without polluting the environment caused by global warming. Reliable source of energy: The consistency of rising and setting sun ensures the reliability of solar energy. You know when the sun rises in your region and when it sets throughout the year. It allows you to get good amount of sunlight throughout the day in every season even if the occurrence of clouds is unpredictable. So you can rely on solar energy produced through solar panels.


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